Friday, December 28, 2007

What? I have a blog?

Oh my gosh...I think I have trouble with commitment. As in, committing to consistently posting on this blog.

So many things have happened, but everything has managed to stay exactly the same.

1. We have IVF coverage! 3 Tries, fully covered. Good, good news.

2. We have to switch doctors. We have IVF coverage! but not with Dr. Fabulous...Damnit. His lab isn't contracted with my insurance company. We're looking at Cleveland Clinic because we're pretty sure they would be contracted. According to his IVF coordinator, "Your company doesn't reimburse enough, and we can't lose money." Whatever, lady. I bet she has, like, 7 kids. All accidents.

3. I am sick of dealing with doctors and nurses, and insurance companies. And anyone who is over-worked and probably under-paid and is just generally a pain in my ass. I can't get a straight answer from anyone and I'm just taking a break. One more month of no baby is a drop in the bucket after 22 months. Who cares at this point? Not me, and not everyone who is sick of my complaints and my un-fun-ness.

4. Everyone is pregnant! I keep thinking it will stop, because hello? Everyone is pregnant already. But no! There are more everyones, and they're all pregnant! And happy! Bastards! Pregnancy glory hogs!

5. I am fat. I blame it on infertility. Not on my habits of shoving food into my mouth and watching tv until my butt hurts from sitting. It's infertility's fault.

I can't wait for 2007 to be over. 2007 beat me like I was its red-headed stepchild.

2008 is going to be cute and fabulous, and it will love me and take me shopping and we will have good times. Like Carrie and Stanford, 2008 and I.