Links to Help You Win at Life

...or, links to make you feel like you win at life in comparison to my failure to win at life. 

Picking my favorite posts from my own blog was hard.  So I asked for suggestions on the Maybe If You Just Relax Facebook Page.

Here are the favorites of the people who were kind enough to humor me:

Did You Seriously Just Say That? A handy list of stupid shit you should immediately stop saying to someone who is trying to get pregnant:

The Big Shoe Shuffle Crocs are never a good idea for grown-ups.

The Day I Struck My Mother Blind With My Lady Business  You should always inform your mother of your current child bath routine.

The Picture of Perfect Parenting I win at sleep training.

The Most Obnoxious Facebook Offenders Let's face it, your friends can be annoying.

Ed Fardy Known at our house as "The Post That Ruined a Friendship."  Hey, I thought it was funny.

In Which I Become A Cautionary Tale  You'll never look at rolls the same way again.

Dear Tylenol Sometimes you just want some dirty sexy Aleeve.

Conceive Magazine/Infertile Whore Infertility...(sigh).

List of the Mistakes I Made Today   Has a church lady seen your cooter?

Play Doh and Birth That's right - people love to hear about my bowel movements.

I'm Afraid This Might Be All My Fault  The bears can smell the menstruation!

Crazy Crayon Kamikaze  Kids totally know how to color but just want to ruin your picture.  And your LIFE!

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