Friday, May 13, 2011

Just Relax

"Don't say no - I'm already in planning mode."

That's what my friend Andrea said when she first told me about the fundraiser event that she is helping to organize for us. Because she knew I'd say no.

I've been lucky enough to find myself surrounded with people who are very kind. We've received meals and gifts and messages and just so much support and sometimes I wonder what we did to earn such wonderful friends and how I can ever possibly thank them properly.

So I have been ordered to accept help and not feel douche-y and basically just, ya know, relax and shit. And I'm trying but I blame you guys if I end up pregnant from all this relaxing. HA!

Andrea has asked to post something about The Event on my blog. Here's what she has to say:

When you consider someone a friend - and something unimaginable happens to them - as friends we want to help.
We want to do SOMETHING.
And that is just what we are doing.
If you are interested in what you might be able to do for Jen, Mark, Olivia & Ainsley - come on over and see what we are up to.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wakey Wakey, Brand New Trachey

Picture post.  Because that's all I have time for.  I'm busy right now watching Yo Gabba Gabba with Ms. Olivia "Never Stops Chatting" Knepper.

Last picture without a trach.

First picture with a trach.
The scratches on her cheek are from the tape that had to be removed and reapplied
to hold the cannula to her face.
No wonder she was completely pissed off.

Rough night the following day.  Laying on her left side to help open up her right lung.
Part of it was sticking together.
Up crying all night because she couldn't breathe even with a ventilator.

The next day.  A  much better day.
The little yellow earmuffs help keep sounds out.
Ms. Ainsley "My Way or I Refuse to Breathe" Knepper likes it quiet.

The lowdown right now is: REST AND GROW DAMMIT!  Ainsley has been mostly on room air - it is great that she doesn't require additional oxygen!  Her vent settings are okayish - they've been able to lower her respiratory rate, but the pressure going into her lungs (which is called PEEP if you care) is at 9, which is rather high.  I guess 5 is the PEEP equivalent of room air - it's the normal pressure when you just breathe and don't act like a premature drama queen.  She's been spitting up quite a bit lately so it's possible that she'll need the Nissen surgery afterall but we're waiting that out for now.  The big problem she's having is morphine withdrawals and hopefully that will pass in a day or two. 

I got to hold her for about 40 minutes last night, which was pretty much amazing.

Tonight is a rare Date Night, and so I'll get to talk to Mark for more than 5 minutes and maybe we will possibly discuss something other than what's for dinner, how Ainsley is, or how Olivia is.  Plus there will be beer so that's also exciting.